Goodways Fitness
Goodways Fitness

Goodways Fitness Is Best Fitness Studio For Females In Krishna Nagar Geeta Colony. We Provide Aerobics Yoga Dance Fitness Tyre Workout Meditation Only For Females.

9971927915 , H-8, Vijay Chowk, Krishna Nagar, Delhi-110051, Contact us on : 9971927915 Mon - Sat 6:00 AM-12:10 PM, 4:10-8:50 PM Sunday CLOSED
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Goodways Fitness



Goodways Fitness is the Female Fitness Studio in Krishna Nagar.

At Goodways Fitness you will find the Certified and experienced Yoga Teachers.

Yoga is a combination of physical, mental and spiritual activities. It has several health benefits.

There are multiple Benefits of Yoga. A few are listed here :

It improves the body’s flexibility, It Perfects our body posture.

Goodways Fitness provides best yoga classes in Chander Nagar.

Builds muscle strength. Here our trainers put a keen eye on each and every member.

Yoga transfers more oxygen to your cells, Increases our blood flow.

Cures internal problems like B.P, Sugar, Thyroid, cholesterol, digestive issues etc.

It increases your heart rate that helps in weight loss as well.

Here at Goodways Fitness Weight Loss program also run.
Yoga has physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

Consistent yoga practice Relieves depression and led to a significant increase in serotonin levels that makes you happy and feel good. Gives you peace of mind and Stress-free life

Internal body organs (liver, kidney, heart) becomes strong.

Body strength increases

Boosts metabolism

Breathing capacity increases

Helps you sound sleep, relaxes your mind. Helps you focus

Lowers blood sugar

Boosts your immune system

Increases your self-esteem

Improves posture and flexibility

Builds muscle strength Increases blood flow

Improves lung function better-cure respiratory problems

Protects your spine