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Goodways Fitness Is Best Fitness Studio For Females In Krishna Nagar Geeta Colony. We Provide Aerobics Yoga Dance Fitness Tyre Workout Meditation Only For Females.

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Yoga literally means, “that brings you to the Ultimate Reality” There are several benefits of doing yoga. Yoga is very good for our health. It increases flexibility in the body. Improve balance. Reduces symptoms of anxiety. Good for Heart. Goodways Fitness provides Best Yoga classes in Krishna Nagar. We can get rid of chronic pain. Helps in sound sleep.

Yoga is a combination of physical, mental and spiritual activities. It has several health benefits. There are multiple Benefits of Yoga. A few are listed here It improves the body’s flexibility, It Perfects our body posture. Builds muscle strength. Here our trainers put a keen eye on each and every member. Yoga transfers more oxygen to your cells, Increases our blood flow. Cures internal problems like B.P, Sugar, Thyroid, cholesterol, digestive issues etc. It increases your heart rate that helps in weight loss as well. Here at Goodways Fitness Weight Loss program also run.

Yoga Asanas


Parvatasana (The Mountain Pose) strengthens arms and legs muscles. Increases flow of blood to brain. It gives a full body stretch which improves the blood circulation around the body. It helps to reduces muscle pain and back and neck. Improves the health of internal organs. It helps in weight loss by reducing the extra fat at the back and waist region.


It Increases flexibility to the back muscles. beneficial for depression, helps in curing sciatica and back pain Supply more oxygen to the lungs.


It is called as Cow face Pose. This Asana makes body more flexible. Practicing this asana regularly helps reducing backaches and stiff shoulders can also be cured from this. It reduces stress and anxiety. It relaxes the muscles, mind and the body.


It is also known as Wind Relieving Pose. It reduces fat from thighs, hips and abdominal area. It gives strength to the back muscles. This pose improves digestion and helps to release digestive gases from the intestines and stomach. It massages the pelvic muscles.


Good for Heart. It is beneficial for Height Gain, It strengthen Arms, Back, shoulder, Hands, Wrist and Legs. Stretches Chest

Jaanusheer Asan

It reduces belly fat. Makes your spine flexible. Beneficial in Constipation. It calms the mind. It cures insomnia, sinusitis, and high blood pressure. It relieves mild depression.

Benefits Of Yoga

1. Internal body organs (liver, kidney, heart) becomes strong.

2. Body strength increases

3. Boosts metabolism

4. Breathing capacity increases

5. Helps you sound sleep, relaxes your mind. Helps you focus

6. Lowers blood sugar

7. Boosts your immune system

8. Increases your self-esteem

9. Improves posture and flexibility

10. Builds muscle strength Increases blood flow


Meditation has several psychological, neurological, and cardiovascular benefits. It can reduce stress, anxiety, depression etc., Well-being and peace of mind can also be achieved from Meditation. We can achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state, It increases your focus.

Power Yoga

It regularly varies poses so that the body is always experiencing something new. Power Yoga is a great way to combine the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of yoga with high intensity, calorie-burning exercise. Power Yoga strengthens your body, increases flexibility, and promotes stamina and weight loss as well as improving posture and balance. It also improves circulation and the immune system, is good for your heart and strengthens your bones, muscles and joints. Mental benefits can include improved concentration and decreased stress. To get the full benefits of a Power Yoga, tailor your routine to meet your goals and don’t sacrifice basic yoga principles for a hard workout.